Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Process of Prayer - Supplication, Meditation, Appreciation, Application by Susan Helene Kramer.

Meditation and Reflection

Meditation is the medication for healing ignorance of our eternal Self. We know about our sensory organs; we know about our emotions; we know about our thinking mind; but until we still our body, emotions, and thinking mind, we do not have conscious contact with our self - which is part of the main eternal core of Self. The joyful effects experienced from the inner stillness of meditation eventually flow outwardly into daily life. Joy invigorates us with plenty of lively energy for caring and sharing; in joy we feel happy and fulfilled.

Meditation The medication healing ignorance Of our permanent nature of joy.

Going within - reflecting - brings forth clarified reality. When we perceive past and ongoing events clearly, we see where we are heading. Living each moment with caring and in our highest consciousness of good allows happiness in our present and future.

Perceptions refined by reflection Quiet time Clarified mind. 

We aid ourselves in fulfilling our human potential by maintaining and nurturing a stable secure base. When we are out of balance the results of our actions are, also. To produce results for the highest good we need to consistently live from our highest consciousness. By living a balance of work, play, and contemplation we stay centered.

Directives from conscience 
Perceived through peaceful thoughts 
Feelings of contentment 
Energized body 
Directives from conscience 
Always for the best. 

Summary by Susan Helene Kramer