Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Three Pure Precepts

These are the Three Pure Precepts of Buddhism but they transcend all faiths...If I can live by these how much better the world would be for myself and others...

The Three Pure Precepts

I will cease from evil:

First and foremost, it is my wish to harm no living thing. I will ask in the innermost place of my heart, "Is what I am about to do a harmful thing, a thing which places any separation between a being and the Unborn? Is it a thing which is to be abstained from, a wrongful thing, an unwise thing?" In one sense, "evil" does not exist: there are only unwise actions, done in ignorance and confusion. I pray that I may not do any such thing, whether to myself, others, or the world. 

I will do only good:

It is my sincere wish to do only that which accords with the truth. I will ask in the innermost place of my heart, "Is what I am about to do fitting, suitable, a thing to be done? Does it tend towards liberation?" This is the good that goes beyond the opposites of "good" and "evil". 

I will do good for others:

I pray that my every act will be of true benefit and that I may never inadvertently create conditions which may lead others to do harm. I will ask in the innermost place of my heart, "Is what I am about to do truly of use? Is it a fit offering? Does it accord with the purification of my heart?"


  1. I know someone who shares the same beliefs as you, yet he chose to shut all the doors instead of being what he follows his principals by, why do you think people do that to others? Judge, jury, decide if they are worthy of being in there lives? Is humanity that cruel?

  2. I have no idea why anyone does anything to anyone. I know that we ALL possess Buddha Nature. I have spent most of my life blind to that. You have the answers already. Do not look to me or anyone for answers to why your friend does what he does. When I have a problem with someone's actions I need to look at why I am bothered by it. Your friend, like you, makes choices. Buddhism helps me to be truly awake and allow people to follow their own path....even if I don't like how they follow it.

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