Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good Karma


Protecting life leads to long life, and good health.

Generosity leads to obtaining wealth and power.

Upholding Morals leads to happiness and good companions.

Being truthful leads to being respected and trusted by others.

Reconciling others leads to being well-liked and trusted.

Using gentle words and encouragement leads to being praised by others and hearing pleasant sounds.

Speaking only with purpose leads to speech that others find pleasing and want to listen to.

Through Contentment, we obtain happiness and always get what we want.

Having Patience and a helping mind, we become loved by everyone and are always helped by others.ƒ

By maintaining the view of the world as impermanent, subject to suffering, interdependent, and selfless, we are respected by others and have the best intelligence and wisdom.

Repeated good acts strengthens the tendency to repeat those acts.

Our circumstances and environment and even the climate change to reinforce our positive thought, speech, and action.

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