Thursday, August 16, 2012

What Do I Radiate?

What Do I Radiate?

Recently I read some postings on a popular social network and it got me wondering....what do I project to the world? Everything I say and do puts out an imprint into this life...Kind of like a fingerprint, a "Bodyprint" if you like, that all the world can see. It is certainly karma but do we really think about that? I know I lose sight of that sometimes.

Meditation helps me find the "Still Point" and adds clarity. In meditation I can see how I am projecting myself to the world. Social networking has become woven into the fabric of life as we know it and it makes it easy to communicate in many ways. It also makes it easy to put out a myriad of views of my actions...If I go online and state a negative point of view about a person, group of people, situation...even myself, I put out negative karma. I create the condition for negativity to come back to me. It is simple cause and effect.

Now I'm not saying social networking is bad. Not at all. I am just using that as an example because it is so very easy to use and so much a part of many people's lives. The example I used simply falls into Right Speech which is one of the Noble Eightfold Path taught by the Buddha to relieve suffering and become awake. I must be constantly vigilant in looking at my actions. Is what I'm saying or doing helpful? Does it cause pain or radiate negativity? 

Meditation is not just "sitting." It is active, alive, moving (even though we are still). Within that awesome "living" practice we can gain insight into our actions and walk a path that leads to a happier existence for ourselves and all beings. What I radiate has an immense and pronounced effect on the world...that is sometimes easy to forget. Being mindful brings reality into focus. It helps us see life as it really is and, occasionally, gives us the opportunity to clean house, be fresh and hit the "reset" button!

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