Sunday, April 25, 2010

A son's advancement and being real

Happiness is when your 19 year old son contacts you and informs you that the store across the hall from where he works has offered him a co-manager, full time position, full salary and benefits. It is over twice the salary that he is presently making.

Why is this good? Aside from the obvious security and sense of achievement, my son, when initially approached about this, stepped back, breathed and remained present. He appreciated the offer but was also being realistic. Buddhism teaches us to do exactly that...step back, pause, access....BE PRESENT.

Am I a proud father? You bet. Griffin accomplished in six months what I could never dream possible even for myself. But, how he handled the situation made me respect him more and fill my heart with joyous love.

Wisdom teaches me that I am nothing. Love teaches me that I am everything. My life is a balance between the two.

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