Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friendship & Music

Yesterday was an amazing time. As a professional musician I am blessed to get paid to play music and bring the listener to a different world....and get paid for it. My friends and I got together and I set up my PA and equipment. This was not a paid show. It was a time to let loose and enjoy the present moment. I had a dear friend drive hundreds of miles and others brought food and smiles. Anyone could jump up and sing or play. It was fantastic. As a Buddhist I have a path I feel I must walk to get closer to being a bodhisattva and reach enlightenment. Putting others before me is a wonderful goal. How easy it is to think of others first when people are amazing and full of love!

My friends smiled and sang...prepared food and tapped their feet. I looked out over the crowd and watched adults and their children enjoy a sweet summer day. I love my fellow man but I also appreciate a good moment where life just flows over easily like a lazy dog sleeping under the porch. The point is to appreciate EVERY moment, positive and negative. Being present and clearly understanding the moment for what it is is part of the Eightfold Path. Understanding, follow through.

Friendship and music are two aspects of my life that are extremely positive and enjoyable. Positive is also seeing the lesson in every moment, everything we do. I live. I learn. I play music with friends. Pretty darn good.

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