Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Technology. When to say when

Today the Italian Buddhist got an iPad. Now I have an iPod Touch, an iPhone 4, an iPad and a Dual Core iMac. I guess you can call me iBhodi. Technology is amazing! The things we can do today boggle the mind. When I was a child in order to do any research I had to dust off the old encyclopedia and get to work...now I can instantly tap into the Library of Congress or the Smithsonian. I guess that is good BUT...Buddhism teaches us to let go of possessions and not frantically hold on to such things to the point that it determines our happiness. So, I am fortunate to have such things as an iPad but I must look at things in the proper light...I don't really need all these things but it certainly makes life a bit easier from a work standpoint. Also, the "fun" factor isn't too bad either. There is nothing wrong with enjoying what you have. The challenge is to not rule your life by all the gadgets and goodies life has to offer.

I temper my usage with quiet times where I just meditate or read. Technology also gives me the opportunity to further my meditation practice. I can download Dharma talks, communicate with my mentor and read pertinent texts. So you see, one can make use of these things but not get weighed down with constantly wanting more things. Right thinking and right acting certainly includes right actions. Right actions with regard to technology means I must look at my desires at the root and question how I feel and what my motives are in wanting more or collecting more stuff. It is simple but not easy. We are surrounded with advertising and media that promotes getting more "stuff."

So go ahead and use your iPhone or Blackberry but don't be a slave to all the things you have acquired. Think, breathe...give. Enjoy!

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